Chris Conly Guitar Studio has been New York's premier private lesson studio since 2007.

Founded on the idea that we all have a song to sing, Chris has been building his zealous advocacy of musical individualism in NYC for over a decade now.

— Student-focused —

Chris Conly is:
– A Maine native
– A Berklee Graduate
– A Brooklynite since 2007
– Offers a compelling, student-centric approach to private students.

Song-based lessons get students quickly playing on a technical level, so they can set their sights on more expressive relationship with music.

Chris works individually with each student to discover their goals and aspirations, and how to connect them with their audience — whether that’s just them, or their friends, family, colleagues or listeners at large.

Regardless of level, Chris is a patient, enthusiastic and motivating teacher, who has a knack for immediately connecting with students and their goals.

Chris excels at identifying what a student is really after, and clarifying the best method of unlocking the latent musician within to achieve it.

— Student-Trusted —

Chris makes sure new students are welcomed in an unassuming and encouraging way that has become his hallmark as an educator.

He has worked with notable students, across a spectrum of disciplines who have prospered from this approach:

  • Zachary Quinto – Actor: Boys In The Band, Star Trek, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Snowden, Girls (HBO), Margin Call
  • Karen O – Musician: Yeah Yeah Yeah's
  • Jennifer DiNoia – Actress, Singer, Dancer: Wicked on Broadway
  • Betty Gilpin – Actress: Glow (Netflix), Nurse Jackie, Law + Order: SVU
  • Gary Hustwit – Filmmaker: Helvetica, Objectified, Urbanized, Rams
  • Kieran Holohan – Lawyer: Former Brooklyn D.A., Rugby Player, Cancer Survivor
  • Jason Ackerman – Entrepreneur: CEO + Co-Founder, Fresh Direct
  • Mac Premo – Director: The Bunt Machine, The 6-4-3 Machine
  • Richard Colbourne – Designer: Addison Agency
  • Sarah Rinaldi – Filmmaker, Storyteller (CBS)