Chris Conly Guitar Studio NYC

I’m Chris Conly, and I’m here to ask you:

Are you frustrated by musical mystery?

Do you seek musical mastery?

As a teacher, I’ve been advocating for my own brand of “musical individualism” here in New York City for over a decade.

I founded my private teaching studio on the idea that individual self-expression is a core human pursuit.

I’ve always been frustrated that even our best educational systems simply teach us how to color between the lines.

And so, I implore you not to let the world make you sound like everybody else.

Embrace your own creative curiosities, and unlock your latent musician within.

Or as I say, master your musical passion!

My method is student-focused.

I offer a compelling approach to learning from scratch, or improving your existing musical skills.

I work with adults of all levels.

My song-based approach gets you playing on a functional level, so you can set your sights on more expressive pursuits.

I work with you individually to quickly discover your motivations, frustrations and goals, and outline a route to help you get there.

Regardless of your current skill level, I am a patient, enthusiastic and motivating teacher, with an empathetic understanding of how to help you achieve your own unique musical goals.

As a self-starter, I excel at discovering what you are after, and clarifying the best method of unlocking your path to achieve it.

My approach is student-trusted.

I pride myself on the diversity of notable students I’ve had the privilege to work with, across a wide spectrum of disciplines, and how they have prospered from my personalized methods.

I ensure each new student is welcomed in an unassuming and encouraging way. And that has become my hallmark as an educator.

Free 30m Trial Lesson

I offer all new students a free 30 minute Trial Lesson, so I can demonstrate my teaching methods, and answer your questions about pricing, scheduling, and expectations.

There is a one-time $5 registration fee to get your account setup.

Studying with a private teacher puts your trust in the hands of a professional.

I want to make sure you are curious, focused, dedicated, and willing to practice what I preach, before we start working together.

So let’s make sure we have a solid match before getting started.

Remote Learning!

Due to the overwhelming circumstances of the COVID-19 Pandemic, all sessions are now conducted remotely.

Simply sign up for a Trial Lesson as usual.

I’ll follow up to set up a secure, unique video connection.

Pick an instrument, to book your Trial Lesson:

I offer weekly 60m private lessons on a variety of fretted string instruments:

Bluegrass, Country, Blues, Folk, Fingerstyle

Jazz, Rock, Blues, Slide, Country, Funk

Scruggs Style, Single String, Melodic Style, Chords + Backup, Pop, Jazz

Fiddle Tunes, Open Tunings, American Songbook, Backup + Ensemble Playing

CGDA Dixieland Jazz, GDAE Celtic

Re-Entrant Tuning, Hawaiian, Pop

Low G, Jazz, Pop, Folk, Celtic