You’ve got it!

You’ve got it!

You've got it!

You’ve got it!

By Maestro

Encouraging students to pursue their passions, self-improvement and creative critical thinking in a contemporary musical landscape.
Chris Conly moved to Brooklyn from Cape Elizabeth, Maine. He studied Music Education at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and proceeded to work in a variety of musical and educational environments, encouraging the next generation of musicians.

Passionate about music, the move to the Big Apple was a natural fit.

Serving the growing demand for musicians versed in today's rapidly evolving skills, Chris started his own teaching studio in 2008.

In his free time, Chris loves a brisk hike in Prospect Park, relaxing with his girlfriend and their rescue cat Ralph, or catching a set of live sketch comedy.

He is also a songwriter/producer, and loves working with artists to craft their sonic visions.

Grateful for a thriving music scene, Chris makes sure that new students are welcomed in an unassuming and encouraging way that has become his hallmark as a music educator.