Official Policies + Principles

Your Agreement

When you pre-pay for services from Chris Conly Guitar Studio, you agree to be bound by the following policies + principles. 

Read Carefully

Please read carefully, to make sure you completely understand what you are agreeing to. If you have any questions, send them in writing, to:

lessons AT chrisconly DOT com.


Each private lesson is scheduled and paid for in advance as a monthly subscription, and retains the same non-replaceable principles as a concert ticket: there are NO refunds for pre-paid studio time. The show must go on! 

Once a lesson is officially on the books, we are both committed to the date, time, and place. All private lesson credits (value) expires 45 days after purchase. 

Subscriptions are paid in advance, and retain similar principles to a common pre-paid phone plan. For example: a weekly lesson plan subscription, billed on the 22nd of January, reserved you (the student) 4, weekly, 55 minute sessions for February (the following month). February’s 4 lesson credits expire at the end of February, and cannot be rescheduled, or combined in any way after February — the month for which they were purchased. If you (the student) do not use the private lesson time you paid for in February, you cannot request the time be somehow “made-up” at a later date.


All private music instruction is scheduled in hourly time slots, starting on the hour. Private lessons last 55 minutes, allowing 5 minutes to review the assignment for the next lesson, and transition to the next student. Private lessons are available on a continuous weekly, or twice-monthly cycle. For example: weekly lessons could be scheduled every Tuesday at 6pm, or the 1st + 3rd Wednesdays of each month at 4pm. Your time slots will be reserved for you in advance, each month, pending payment. You will immediately receive and email confirming your payment and booking, with all relevant details. 

Your confirmation email is vitally important. Make sure not to delete it. It is not only a receipt of your booking (event ticket), it also contains a unique link that allow you to reschedule your lesson at any time more than 48 hours prior to the start time.

48-Hour Cancellation Policy + Principles

Private lessons are kept running on time for the benefit of all parties, by politely enforcing this firm 48-hour cancellation policy.

The more predictable your practice schedule is, the more productive our time together will be. 

You (the student) have complete freedom to reschedule any lesson, from available studio office hours, at any time ending 48 hours prior to the start time. Lessons can only be rescheduled by you (the student) during the current, active month for which the lesson was purchased.

$25 Cancellation Fee + Principle

You (the student) will be charged a $25 No-Show Cancellation Fee if you do not show up for, or cancel (forfeit) any scheduled lesson.

It is in your interest to show up — mentally, musically, and financially.

Monthly Tuition

All pre-paid monthly tuition payments are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-exchangeable. No exceptions.

Monthly tuition payments cannot be placed on hold, and expire 45 days after purchase.

Tuition is payed in advance to reserve your seat. If your credit card is declined, your seat cannot be reserved, and available resources will be offered to the next party in line, on a first-come first-served basis.

Your credit card on file will be charged for the approaching month, on the 22nd day of the current month. You may cancel your monthly subscription at any time prior to the 22nd, by sending your request, in writing to: lessons AT chrisconly DOT com. Otherwise, it will be assumed your intent is to continue on the same terms, and you will automatically be billed for the coming month, without refund.

Your (student’s) confidential payment information is securely vaulted by, to facilitate the monthly billing cycle. I (the teacher), nor any 3rd party have direct access to your confidential payment details, this it cannot be shared with 3rd parties, other than to manage payments. If you’d like more information about’s security features, visit: