Important Musical Topics

You can’t achieve what you don’t plan for. Always have a goal in mind.

Private music lessons at Chris Conly Guitar Studio (CCGS) are based on your (the student) self-discovered goals. My assessment of your goals + current abilities, provide you with the next logical steps to move you closer to your goals. These efforts can take one of many forms — for example:

  • Learning a song by ear
  • Transcribing a chord progression and writing a chart
  • Learning from bespoke arrangements + compositions
  • Recommended repertoire or method books

It’s vitally important that you explore, discover, and share your specific musical goals with me (the teacher). Your target goals and ambitions can take one of many forms — for example:

  • Memorizing complete songs
  • Literacy (reading + writing music notation + tablature)
  • Fretboard shapes (notes, scales, arpeggios + chords)
  • Musical vernacular (language of styles like Jazz, Blues, Funk, etc.)
  • Improvisation (instant composition + playing what you hear)
  • Ear Training (intervals, chords + progression analysis)
  • Developing a solid foundation of Music Theory
  • Mapping the complete fretboard
  • Accompaniment (backup methods)
  • Composition

It can also be helpful to share your deeper motivations, like:

  • Leisure
  • Curiosity
  • Self-Expression
  • Skill Growth
  • Community

Daily practice is a necessity.

Practice is like showering:

  • You should plan to do it at least once, every single day. 
  • You can skip a day — but people start to notice.

Put another way:

  • If you don’t practice for one day: you notice it.
  • If you don’t practice for a week: the band will notice it.
  • If you don’t practice for a month: the audience will notice it.

Our private lessons together will comprise a total of 2-4 hours of focused musical refinement each month. 

Therefore, I recommend you practice not less that 30 minutes every day. If you create this time investment on a daily basis, you should see noticeable advancements in your technique, memorization, and ability to play by ear after 3-6 months.

Please do not confuse a music teacher with a personal trainer. My job is to show you what to do, and how to do it. Your job is to then practice what I preach. You will only see results if you put in the time on your own.

You are what you repeatedly do. The focused, daily habits you create now, will reap exponential rewards the longer you practice them.

Check your ego and your phone at the door.

Chris Conly Guitar Studio is a phone-free zone.

During private lessons you should refrain from loosing focus on the matter at hand.

If it’s an emergency, you can step outside to take a call or text at the expense of your time.

Early is on time.

Plan to arrive 5 minutes early. Trains + parking can be a drag, so aim to be early, we can make the most of our time together.

If I run over with a previous student, I will be sure to make up the time at the end of our lesson together.

If you will be arriving more than 5 minutes late, offer the professional courtesy of calling or texting me to inform me: (347) 855-6564.

If I haven’t heard anything from you after 15 minutes, and have to wait or worry, your lesson will be cancelled (forfeited), and possibly offered to other more eager students.

All your basics are covered.

Free high-speed WiFi internet is available.
A lounge is provided for students who arrive early to tune up, adjacent the public restrooms, in the back, on the right. Please be courteous with your volume, and respectful of others privacy.


If you ever have any questions, send them to: