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Master the fretboard.

Learn songs by ear.

Improvise over chords.

Jam with friends.

Play with confidence.

Speak musician lingo.

Become musically literate.

Compose original music.

Record original songs.

Are you looking for a guide along the next phase of your musical journey?

I’d love to work together to help you transform musical mystery into musical mastery!

What’s so special about my teaching method?


I’m a real person, I’ve been down this road many times on my own, and I’ll hold you accountable to your ambitions.

Adaptable Lesson Format.

Don’t let anyone tell you that musical learning is a one-size-fits-all pursuit.

We will only focus on songs, exercises and topics specific to your musical frustrations, motivations and goals.

Custom Built Resources.

Every time I write out a chart of a popular song for a student, I add it to my teaching library.

I’ve been growing my organic, hand-made collection of charts for over a decade, so you can choose from my thousands of ready-made resources, or request your own.

Resources are designed to meet you at your comfort zone, and stretch you just beyond it, and include: Standard Notation, Tablature, Chord + Scale Shapes, JamTrack MP3s, and the Master Guitar Pro 7 File.

Don’t take my word for it.

I really recommend Chris as a guitar teacher. I’ve played for a long time but wanted some accountability and rigor to progress my skill level after it had languished for a few years. Chris helped me wrap my head around some of the more theory-based concepts that I wasn’t picking up on my own and framed the lessons around engaging and popular tunes. A really great experience with a warm, friendly and knowledgeable instructor.

– Matt T.

Chris has a great way of presenting the material in a manageable way, breaking down the steps and finding alternative chords to make it work for more of a beginner. He has a vast knowledge of songs, he hears the chords and melodic changes easily and quickly makes charts for you to take home and study. Chris has a great friendly way about him which makes him easy to talk to. For Blues, Rock, Folk + Jazz — Chris Conly is a great guitar teacher!

– Ledell M.

As of this week, I have officially been studying banjo with Chris for one year, and I’m thrilled with the progress I’ve made so far! As a singer, I was brimming with thousands of disorganized ideas for songs I liked to sing. Now, each time I walk into a lesson with Chris, all I have to do is sing a new song in a key that’s comfortable, and within a SECOND, Chris is writing a banjo arrangement from scratch, for me to learn THAT DAY during the lesson, and take home to practice. Together, we have covered Bluegrass, Classic Rock, 70’s Folk, 80’s Pop & Broadway, all while incorporating fun and interesting banjo techniques into our original arrangements. I am always motivated to practice because I get to play songs I actually like, on a wonderful, traditional, American instrument. But, when life gets crazy and I can’t devote the time I want to my practice, Chris is never judgmental or impatient. Chris has enriched my abilities as a not only a banjo player but also a singer. My range of expression, appreciation, and comprehension of music have expanded greatly, and I could not be happier!

– Amanda T.

Chris was able to explain music fundamentals to me in a way that’s easy to understand. I left each session feeling extremely accomplished and more confident than the last. Chris has a way of instilling his passion for guitar and love of music in his students, and making me excited to go home and practice. Chris teaches everything – songs, music theory, music history, the anatomy of the guitar – he even taught me how to re-string my guitar today. He always has such a positive attitude in every lesson, and I never feel overwhelmed. The diversity of students he teaches is a testament to his patient, understanding of where each individual student is coming from. I now have a repertoire of songs I’ll be bringing to auditions. Truly a top notch teacher in my book!

– Rachel L.

Chris is a really stellar teacher who has been able to cater to exactly what I want to learn thus far.

Sid G.


(Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I try before I buy?


You wouldn’t buy an instrument without playing it first, right?

You would definitely want to play it first, so you can make a better informed decision.

Working with a private teacher puts a lot of trust in the hands of a professional, and you want to make sure it’s a solid student-teacher match before you commit to working together for months, possibly years.

I feel exactly the same about new students – I want to make sure you are curious, focused, and dedicated to following through and put your time in practicing, before we begin working together.

This is why I offer all new students a FREE 30m Trial Lesson.

There is a nominal $5 registration fee to get you setup.

If we’re not a good fit, no hard feelings – it’s not personal.

I’ll even help you find the right teacher for your request.

If we understand each other’s expectations, let’s take it to the next level and schedule your first month of private lessons together.

Do you offer Video Lessons?

You bet!

One of my favorite things about teaching private students in NYC is the amazing variety of players from all creative walks of life.

I’m able to work with an even wider array of students, all over the world, now with the aid of video conferencing apps.

Once you sign up for a Free 30m Trial Lesson, I’ll connect with you to make arrangements to meet remotely.

What can I expect to learn in my first few months of lessons?

My song-based approach teaches songs of our choice, that fit your current skill level, from which you’ll learn proper technique, fretboard logic, scales, chords, ear training, music theory, composition and improvisation.

If you’re an absolute beginner, we’ll choose from my library of over 1,000 songs, for each of which I’ve created resources (like chord charts, lead sheets, strumming or finger picking patterns, or play-along MP3s) to help your practice time at home between our sessions together.

How much do private lessons cost?

It takes more than being a great musician to be a great teacher, and I pride myself in my empathetic approach to each student’s needs.

As a professionally trained musician and educator in New York City, I offer my time as a teacher to private students in a focused, one-to-one environment for a very reasonable rate of $75/hr.

Private lessons are available in $300 blocks of 4 weekly sessions per month.

This buys you a seat on my calendar each month, to focus on your specific creative musical goals.

Should I bring my instrument to each session?

The short answer is no — not always.

The long answer is yes — you should want to bond with your own personal instrument over an unknown loaner.

That said, if you’re traveling from work, the weather is miserable, or yours is in the shop — I’ve got you covered.

I have a few different instruments for you to play at my studio.

Where is your studio?

Chris Conly Guitar Studio is located at 234 6th Street, in Brooklyn, just a few blocks from the Subway.

The closest subway is the 4th Ave/9th St. station, where the R, F + G trains all meet.

Also nearby are the Carroll Street and Smith/9th St. stops on the F & G lines.

What’s so special about your studio, anyway?

Besides the courtyard, grill, basketball hoop, lawn chairs, restrooms, graffiti artwork and tons of musicians?

It’s close to the subway, The Bell House, Halyard’s Bar, Four & Twenty Blackbirds Cafe, Whole Foods Market and the Gowanus Canal.


Studio location is obviously a moot point until further notice.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t still meet remotely.

In fact, music and learning are 2 of the best things you can do to stay sane in the age of physical distancing and remote social connection.

Let’s take the long view on this, and hope to be back to business as usual soon. But until then, let’s do the right thing and keep our distance.

Here are a few examples of Styles, Techniques and Influences I can offer you:

  • Bluegrass – The Flatpicking and Cosspicking styles of players like Tony Rice, Clarence White, Norman Blake, and Brian Sutton.
  • Country – The Songwriting and playing styles of artists like Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, and Johnny Cash.
  • Blues – The Songwriting and playing styles of artists like Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton and Lightning Hopkins.
  • Folk – The Songwriting and playing styles of artists like Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie and Cat Stevens.
  • Fingerstyle – The alternating thumb-bass and right hand palm-muting styles of artists like Chet Atkins, Doc Watson and Mississippi John Hurt.

Do you want to improve your musical skills?

So you want to play with confidence, master the fretboard, learn songs by ear, improvise over chords, jam with friends, speak musician lingo, become musically literate, compose original music, or record orginal songs?

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