Your pre-payment for services constitutes agreement with all official policies. By purchasing studio time on a continuing cycle, you agree to be bound by these terms.

Official Studio Scheduling, Payment & Rescheduling Policies

By purchasing private lesson time in advance, you’re agreeing to be bound by the following terms. Please read carefully, to make sure you completely understand what you are agreeing to. If you have any questions send them to:

Private lessons are 55 minutes long, allowing 5 minutes to transition between students, and are available as a weekly or bi-weekly time slot. For example, Tuesdays at 6pm, or the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 4pm. Once your monthly time slot is reserved, your seat will be booked for you each month, after your credit card has been successfully charged on the 22nd day of each month. You’ll immediately receive an email confirming your successful payment and booking, with all the relevant details, and a link to reschedule each lesson, more than 48hrs prior to its start time.

Each private lesson is scheduled, and paid for in advance, and retains the same principles as a concert ticket – once you have paid for your seat, there are no refunds. You can scalp your seat to a friend or colleague if you’d like, but once it’s officially on the books, we are committed to the place, time and date. All private lesson payments expire 45 days after purchase.

You (the student) have up until 48 hours before the start of each private lesson to reschedule it to any available time during the current month for which the lesson was purchased.

Subscriptions are paid in advance, and retain the same principles as most common pre-paid phone plan, Netflix streaming plan, gym membership, or monthly rental property. For example, a typical subscription for 4, weekly, 55 minute private lessons is billed and scheduled on the 22nd of January, reserving 4, weekly, 55 minute sessions for February. February’s lessons expire at the end of February, and cannot be rescheduled, or combined in any way after February – the month for which they were purchased. If you do not use the lesson time you paid for in February, you cannot request the time be “made-up” at a later date.

48hr Cancellation Policy

I keep the trains running on time for everyone’s benefit, by enforcing a firm 48-hour cancellation policy. I do this as much for you as for me. The more predictable your practice schedule is, the more productive our time together will be. You have until 48-hours before we are scheduled to meet to forfeit your paid lesson time, or reschedule it.

Cancellation Fee

You will be charged a $15 late fee for any lesson for which you do not show up for, or cancel (forfeit) less than 48 hours prior to its start time. It’s in your interest to show up when you said you would – musically and financially.

Monthly Tuition

All tuition payments are non-refundable, non-transferrable and non-exchangeable. No exceptions.

Your payment information is securely stored by to facilitate your monthly tuition subscription. I do not have direct access to your payment details, thus I cannot share them with 3rd parties other than Stripe to facilitate payment. If you like more information about Stripe’s security features, please visit

Your credit card on file will be charged for the upcoming month, on the 22nd of the current month. Any request for cancellation must be made 15 days prior to the billing date, on the 22nd, otherwise you will be billed for the coming month.

If your card is declined, I cannot hold time for you, and will give it to the next student in line.

Tuition is paid in advance to reserve your seat. Otherwise the time is given to the next student in line.

Paid-in-full, monthly tuition may not be placed on hold.

Monthly tuition subscriptions can be cancelled with a minimum of 15 days notice by emailing

All subscriptions have a minimum term of 3 months. Memberships are not prorated and may not be cancelled prior to 3 month introductory term for any reason.

Monthly tuition subscriptions can be placed on hold with a minimum of 15 days notice.

A subscription may not be on hold for more than 30 days in any calendar year.

Subscription holds must be requested via email sent to

Subscriptions may not be placed on hold during the initial 6 month period.

Important Musical Topics

Have some goals.

Our private lessons are based on your self-directed goals, and my assessment of the next step to get you there. This can take one of many forms, including:
– Learning by Ear
– Transcriptions
– Bespoke Arrangements
– Recommended Repertoire & Method Books from the Lending Library

It’s important that you share your goals on your instrument. Musical goals typically include skills like:
– Memorizing complete songs
– Literacy (reading & writing music notation & tablature)
– Fretboard logic (pitch locations, scales, arpeggios & chord shapes)
– Musical Vernacular (language of styles like Blues, Jazz, Country, etc.)
– Improvisation (instant composition)
– Ear training (playing what you hear & hearing what you play)
– Music Theory (structure & logic behind sounds that move you)
– Accompaniment (sing & play melody/backup)
– Composition (culmination of musical expression)

It’s also helpful to share your deeper motivations, like:
– Fun & Self-Expression
– Acquiring Knowledge & Skills
– Joining A Community

Daily practice is a necessity.

Practicing is like showering. Do it every day. You can skip a day. But people will start to notice.

Put another way:
If I don’t practice for a day I know it. If I don’t practice for a week the band knows it. If I don’t practice for a month the audience knows it.

You should practice no less than 1 hour/day, in addition to our sessions together. Private lessons comprise a total of 2-4 hours of focused musical refinement each month. If you create this time investment on a daily basis, you should see noticeable advancements in your technique, memorization, and ability to play by ear after 3-6 consecutive months.

The focused daily habits you create now, will reap exponential rewards the longer you practice them.

“One must always practice slowly. If you learn something slowly, you forget it slowly.” – Itzhak Perlman

A phone-free zone.

Chris Conly Guitar Studio is a phone/text-free zone.

If it’s an emergency, you can step outside to make/take a call at the expense of your time, but during private lessons phones should be silent, or turned off.

You’re paying for time – leave your baggage behind.

No need to bring more than your instrument, notebook/folder & pencil, and your full attention.

I provide spring water bottles free of charge, so no need for outside food or beverages.

Make the most of your time – you’re paying for my expertise and advice – so don’t hesitate to ask questions, take notes, or request additional resources.

Early is on time.

Arrive 5 minutes early. Trains & parking can be a drag, so aim to be early, and you can make the most of our time together.

If I’m running over with a previous student, I will be sure to make up your time at the end of our lesson together.

If do think you’ll be arriving more than 5 minutes late, make sure to call or text me: (347) 855-6564. If I haven’t heard anything from you after 15 minutes, and have to wait or worry, I will give the time to other students.

Be prepared to practice your craft.

Tune your instrument before arriving and it will save you 5 minutes of valuable lesson time.

Your basic needs are covered.

Chris Conly Guitar Studio provides free, hi-speed wi-fi internet.

Restrooms are located in the back, on the right. No showers please.


If you have any questions, send them to: