Adrian Legg / Irish Girl
Alice In Chains / Over Now
Ani DiFranco / Anticipate
Animal Collective / Sung Tongs
Barbecue Bob / Diddle Da Diddle
Blind Blake / Police Dog Blues
Blind Boy Fuller / Little Woman / You’re So Sweet
Blind Willie Johnson / Dark Was The Night / Cold Was On The Ground
Blind Willie Johnson / God Moves On The Water
Blind Willie Johnson / Keep Your Lamp Trimmes And Burning
Blind Willie Johnson / Nobody’s Fault But Mine
Blind Willie McTell / Wake Up Mama
Bob Dylan / Buckets Of Rain
Bon Iver / Re: Stacks / For Emma / Forever Ago
Buzz Turner / Afternoon In Chiapas
Chris Proctor / Bach to Ireland
Chris Proctor / Bach to Scotland
Chris Proctor / October’s Window
Chris Proctor / Solstice
David Wilcox / Kindness
David Wilcox / Mighty Ocean
David Wilcox / Miracle
David Wilcox / Never Enough
David Wilcox / Wildberry Pie
Donovan / Colours
Duane Allman / Little Martha / Eat A Peach
Duck Baker / Leavin’ Home
Duck Baker / Mother’s Advice
Duck Baker / Pretty Fair Miss
Duck Baker / Sittin’ On Top Of The World
Ed Gerhard / Howl
Ed Gerhard / Isa Lei / 01 First guitar
Ed Gerhard / Isa Lei / 04 Ed Gerhard’s Hawaii
Ed Gerhard / Slide Improv
Ed Gerhard / Willy O’Winsbury: / 01 First guitar
Elmore James / It Hurts Me Too
Eric Lugosch / Marching Through Georgia
Fred Sokolow / Furry’s Train
Furry Lewis / Kassie Jones
Gregg Cagno / 39 In Requiem
Gregg Cagno / Mandolin Moon > Look at the Wind Blow
Gregg Cagno / Ode To Mrs. Claus’ Joy
Gregg Cagno / We are Each Other’s Angels
Jackson Browne / All Good Things
John Fahey / Poor Boy A Long Ways From Home
Joni Mitchell / Big Yellow Taxi
Joni Mitchell / Big Yellow Taxi
Joni Mitchell / Blue On Blue
Joni Mitchell / Both Sides Now
Joni Mitchell / Cactus Tree
Joni Mitchell / Chelsea Morning
Joni Mitchell / Chelsea Morning
Joni Mitchell / Come In From The Cold
Joni Mitchell / Come To The Sunshine
Joni Mitchell / Conversation
Joni Mitchell / Court And Spark
Joni Mitchell / Dreamland
Joni Mitchell / Free Man In Paris
Joni Mitchell / Get Together
Joni Mitchell / Gift Of The Magi
Joni Mitchell / I speak beacause I can
Joni Mitchell / I Think I Understand
Joni Mitchell / I was just a card from Laura Marling
Joni Mitchell / Judgement Of The Moon And Stars (Ludwig’s Tune)
Joni Mitchell / Just Like Me
Joni Mitchell / Man From Mars
Joni Mitchell / Night In The City
Joni Mitchell / People’s Parties
Joni Mitchell / Pirate Of Penance
Joni Mitchell / Rambling Man
Joni Mitchell / Shiny Toys
Joni Mitchell / Slouching Towards Bethlehem
Joni Mitchell / Solid Love
Joni Mitchell / Strange Boy
Joni Mitchell / You Turn Me On I’m A Radio
Joni Mitchell / You Turn Me On Im a Radio / Court and Spark
Josh White / Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dying Bed
Kelly Joe Phelps / Footprints
Kokomo Arnold / Milk Cow Blues
Laura Mauling / What He Wrote
Leo Kottke / Corinna / Corinna
Leo Kottke / Itchy
Leo Kottke / Watermelon
Luka Bloom / Girl
Luka Bloom / If I Were a Carpenter
Luka Bloom / Little Martha and me (instrumental)
Luka Bloom / No Surprises
Luka Bloom / This is for life
Mississippi Fred McDowell / Lord / I’m Going Down South
Mississippi Fred McDowell / You Got To Move
Mississippi John Hurt / If You Don’t Want Me
Mumford And Sons / Awake My Soul / Sigh No More
Mumford And Sons / I Will Wait Babel
Mumford And Sons / Roll Away Your Stone
Mumford And Sons / Sigh No More
Mumford And Sons / The Cave
Nick Drake / One Of These Things First
Nick Katzman / Tin Silver
Paul Simon / scarborough fair / bridge over troubled water
Pearl Jam / Even Flow Stones / Ten
Peppino D’Agostino / Bella Donna
Pierce Pettis / Swimming
Preston Reed / Basta Pasta
Preston Reed / Bye Bye Boo Boo
Preston Reed / Fun with Wally
Preston Reed / Last Scene in September
Preston Reed / Southern Exposure
Preston Reed / Tiny Time Pills
Preston Reed / Wirewhip
REO Speedwagon / Time For Me To Fly
Rev Robert Wilkins / That’s No Way To Get Along
Richie Havens / Freedom
Robbie Basho / Variations On Easter
Rolling Stones / Beggars Banquet
Rolling Stones / stray cat blues
Rory Block / Mama’s Stray Baby
Ry Cooder / Paris / Texas
Ry Cooder / Thirteen Question Method
Sam Collins / Slow Mama Slow
Sam Mitchell / Motherless Children
Sam Mitchell / Nobody’s Fault But Mine
Sam Mitchell / Rainy Day Blues
Stefan Grossman / Brownsville Blues
Stefan Grossman / God Moves on The Water
Stefan Grossman / John Henry
Stefan Grossman / Sitting On Top of the World
Stefan Grossman / Vestapol
Stephen Stills / CSN / Love the one youre with
Tampa Red / Boogie Woogie Dance
The Goo Goo Dolls / Let Love In
The Rolling Stones / Street Fighting Man
The Tallest Man On Earth / This Wind
Third Eye Blind / Graduate
Third Eye Blind / So High and Solo
Third Eye Blind / Surfacing Submarine